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i’m late on this because photoshop hates my fuckin guts BUT ALAS these are my 20 19 favorite albums of 2012. the second list has a few albums i liked quite a bit, but that i didn’t get to listen to enough/just didn’t care too much about in the long run?? they still deserve to be mentioned ok!!

  1. bat for lashes, the haunted man. (see: the haunted man, laura, daphne, winter fields, horses of the sun)
  2. iamamiwhoami, kin (see: drops, rascal, goods, play)
  3. soap&skin, narrow (see: voyage voyage, vater, boat turns toward the port, wonder)
  4. perfume genius, put ur back n 2 it (see: all waters, dark parts, awol marine, normal song, hood)
  5. fiona apple, the idler wheel… (see: regret, anything we want, periphery, every single night)
  6. azealia banks, 1991 + fantasea mixtape (see: 212, jumanji, fuck up the fun, fierce, liquorice)
  7. lana del rey, born to die (see: off to the races, national anthem, diet mtn dew, body electric)
  8. marina & the diamonds, electra heart (see: valley of the dolls, teen idle, fear and loathing, radioactive, the state of dreaming, living dead)
  9. beach house, bloom (see: new year, wild, lazuli, on the sea)
  10. anaïs mitchell, young man in america (see: young man in america, dyin’ day, he did, tailor, ships)
  11. angel olsen, half way home (see: lonely universe, always half strange)
  12. crystal castles, III (see: plague, insulin)
  13. frank ocean, channelORANGE (see: bad religion, pyramids)
  14. le1f, dark york (see: wut, &gomorrah)
  15. the tallest man on earth, there’s no leaving now (see: wind and walls, there’s no leaving now)
  16. susanne sundfør, the silicone veil (see: white foxes, rome)
  17. kyary pamyu pamyu, pamyu pamyu revolution (see: ponponpon, candy candy)
  18. cat power, sun (see: cherokee, manhattan)
  19. sílvia pérez cruz, 11 de novembre (see: memoria de pez)
yeah you too
  1. daughn gibson, all hell
  2. david byrne and st. vincent, love this giant 
  3. godspeed you! black emperor, ‘allelujah! don’t bend! ascend!
  4. josephine foster, blood rushing
  5. purity ring, shrines
  6. regina spektor, what we saw from the cheap seats
  7. THEESatisfaction, awE naturalE
  8. scott walker, bish bosch
  9. trust, TRST
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